Eat Well, Be Well

Barcelona... I've only been here for two days and so far this trip has been amazing. Beautiful beaches, yummy sangria, delicious food and gorgeous monuments. Some how I managed to escape jet lag so we have wasted no time.

Friday we spent the day at the beach, tanning topless and eating and drinking at chiringuitos (beach bars). Don't worry... we put our tops back on before the eating and drinking.

Today we work up at a reasonable hour (1pm) and headed to the city center for tapas and a trip to La Boqueria, a huge food market...

where I was a kid in a candy store. Literally... there was candy everywhere.

We took some of our market findings and headed to a major park.

We snacked and played cards and were offered a multitude of drugs... which we declined.

(Jeanelle and her wonderful boyfriend Steven)

So far... so good...

Love and Beer Floats