On the menu... piranha

Steven and Jeanelle and the very popular party trick... The Piranha

Writers block. I'm sure it happens to everyone. However, I'm guessing it happens to most people because they can't think of what to talk about. In this case, so much has gone on, so much has been seen and so much has been eaten that I don't know where to start. As a matter of fact, as I write this, I am sitting here with a big fat full belly from a delicious dinner of salad with ham, parmesan and melon as well as quatro queso pizza (see I'm learning Spanish) and chocolate soufflé for dessert. Not to mention a large amount of lambrusco (Spanish rose champagne).

Since so much has happened, I have decided to just skip to the good stuff. As they say, a picture speaks a thousand words. And since I have been up for 20 hours... I'm going to let the pictures do most of the talking.

The view from our pool at B Hotel in Plaza Espana

Tandem bike riding on the beaches of Barcelona

Beautiful flowers from a vendor on La Rambla

Checking out the Mediterranean near a gorgeous church in Sidges Spain and hour south of Barcelona

Delicious paella! How have I gone 24 years with out Paella?! Working on find a paella pan to bring home.

And finally... the fruits of my labor... the tan I've been working hard to perfect...

Of course I ruined it today with a sweet sunburn. yay.

Love and Beer Floats