New York Minute meet Taco Tuesday

When Lish and I were seniors in college we decided, along with a group of girl friends, to take our last spring break trip in New York. Everyone was going to Cabo and getting wasted but we wanted to live the big city life for a week. Because are soooo classy. Ha. When push came to shove, for whatever reason, everyone else bailed. It was just me, Lish and the city.

We had always been close friends, but this trip took us to a whole new level. We were together for one week straight. Just the two of us. Shopping, eating, walking, talking, lounging, visiting museums, sampling street food, hailing taxis, non stop Lish and Ang time. And while it brought us closer than ever, I don’t think that is the number one reason that Lish and I will forever treasure that trip.

The number one reason that trip was one of the best of our lives was the food. I have never eaten better than I did for that one week in New York. I think the highlight of the week was our trip to Bobby Flay’s Mesa Grill restaurant. I was literally so full I thought I was going to die from fullness. It was magical. And while I hope to never be that painfully full again, I do hope to go back to that restaurant. So when Lish and Josh asked me to prepare a Mexican style engagement feast I knew I had to make something from Bobby Flay’s own menu. And what did I steal from Mr. Bobby? Barbeque sauce.

Hours. And hours. And hours in the kitchen. Ever hour, minute and second was so worth it. Last night was AWESOME! The food was awesome, the margs were awesome and the company was awesome. Did you hear me? I said AWESOME!

I definitely bit off more than I could chew, but Lish and Eric came to the rescue and lent me some extra hands in the kitchen.

Last time I tried to make tacos, it sucked. Big time. I am going to forgive myself because I think it was only my third new food Tuesday, but seriously, it sucked. I attempted a fish taco recipe and the fish was watery (how does that happen?!) and tasted way too fishy. The salsa was sub par and everything was luke warm. Major failure.

Why I thought doing three of something I couldn’t do one of was a good idea, I am not quite sure. But I’m so glad I went for it. Brace yourself for what ended up being on the menu. No seriously, hold on to your chair. This is intense…

Citrus marinated chicken tacos with green cabbage and Bobby Flay’s barbeque sauce

Soy sauce and red wine marinated skirt steak tacos with red cabbage slaw

Beer battered yellowtail tacos with pineapple corn salsa

And of course Spanish rice and beans.

Hey guys, I’m getting good. Look how pretty. Almost as pretty as Lish’s ring.

All in all, I think the night was a great success. And I bought plastic and paper utensils so there were way less dishes. Win.

Dessert anyone?

Love and Beer Floats

I don't have much to say about this other than this is what happens when you don't have enough bowls and this salsa was way to pretty to leave out.