Going to the Chapel...

No, that is not my hand. Duh, I am way tanner than that! I would be ok if that was my ring though. Well, more than ok. But I am happy to announce that tonight at NFT we will be celebrating the engagement of my lovely roommate Lish and her longtime beau and NFT frequenter, Josh.

I am so happy for them and I know that they have a life of happiness headed their way. Plus, I’m extra excited because I get to help her through everything up to “I Do.” After that, she is on her own.

Tonight I’m throwing my very first engagement party. A Lish and Josh inspired meal from start to finish. Three different kinds of tacos, three different kinds of salsas and plenty (and I mean PLENTY) of tequila.

Between the no less than nine different elements and even more people coming over, I may have bit off more than I can chew on this one, but I don’t care because we going to the chapel ya’ll.

Love and Beer Floats
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