Come Fly Away...

Eric and I traveled to beautiful Sacramento this weekend for the wedding of my dear friend, and former roommate Julia and her now husband Rico. It was a great reunion with my college friends who have since moved to various parts of the country. There was lots of great food, delicious cocktails and hilarious conversations.

All in all, the weekend was awesome. And exhausting. We couldn’t wait to touch down in Orange County and relax. As I’m sitting there, fidgeting in my very tiny seat, dying to be relaxing on my parents couch, catching up on Entourage, a voice comes on the speaker. A beautiful voice. Singing a ditty. Did someone put the radio up to the loud speaker? Wait. Nope. That is our Southwest Airlines flight attendant singing to us. Singing. Over the loud speaker. And not just a couple bars. It was a long song. Long enough for Eric and I to look at each other in utter confusion.

Now, don’t get me wrong, she had a beautiful voice. And the song was definitely about airplane travel, so I guess it was applicable. But it was so strange. However, we must have been the only two who were startled because the rest of the plane erupted in applause.

So, I did some research. Turns out, there are a whole lot of singing flight attendants. While I could not find MY singing flight attendant, I did find some good ones. Please enjoy.