Food Art

So, I know I really don’t need to make myself sound nerdier, but I’m going to do it anyway.

Eric is currently in China and Lish was working on wedding stuff with Josh, so I was solo last night in our little LA apartment. I rented some great chick flicks and hunkered down to gush over them while gorging on pizza in bed. For most people, this would be plenty. But, I seem to have a brain that thinks it has taken twelve caffine pills, five red bulls and a straight shot of adrenaline and refuses to slow down. So, while the movie was playing I read a book, cut my nails, surfed the internet, learned French and wrote a novel.

That might be a slight exaggeration. Take out learned French and you pretty much have my Sunday night.

While surfing the internet, I searched for my favorite bored Angela entertainment. Funny cat videos. I love LOVE funny cat videos. I’ve seen this one a million times and I piddle a little every time I see it.

Yes, I realize it is nearly eight minutes long. But, that is nearly eight minutes of solid cat hilarity.

After I watched an hour of funny cat videos (I hope this isn’t telling of my future) I decided to see if there were any funny food videos. Guess what…

There aren’t. But, I was very impressed by the multiple videos of food art. This one was my favorite. Mostly because whoever posted it really thinks we care about which food sculptures are his/her top three favorites.

After I tackle chopping celery at a rate of more than one stalk a minute, I’m attempting this bad boy.

Love and Beer Floats