How To Guide: Kneading Dough

One of the biggest challenges I have come across while teaching myself to cook is figuring out what a new technique is and then how to do it with out any guidance. I wish there was a place I could go to actually SEE how it is done.

Well, I wasn’t able to find a place to see certain things done, but now you can.

In the first installment of my how to guide, I’ll demonstrate how to knead dough. I have now mentioned it several times, and unless you had your very own Grandma Evelyn, you might not know what it is or how to do it.

If you do have your very own Grandma Evelyn, then this video will do you no good. But, it has a wonderful soundtrack so you should watch anyway.

to work (dough, clay, etc.) into a uniform mixture by pressing, folding, and stretching.

Ya, I rock out when I cook. You love it.

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