Slippery Little Buggers

Beautiful, aren’t they? That’s what I thought when I walked by them at the fish counter at Whole Foods last week.

I thought to myself, look how beautiful those look! What a great snack they will make on some great toast!

The shells were stunning and they were stuffed with delicious looking garlic parsley butter. How could I resist? So I brought them home and convinced Lish who had never had escargot that they were going to be tasty.

I’ve only had escargot a couple of times but those experiences were garlicy and amazing. And you know how much I love garlic.

These little squirts deceived me.

They were NOT nearly as garlicy and delicious as I had hoped. And for the first time Lish was not thrilled with something I served her. She ate two, but I know she didn’t want to. I don’t blame her.

Boo on you for fooling me delicious looking snails. Boo on you. Beware the yummy looking escargot at the Whole Foods.

I’m just going to have to make them myself to change Lish’s mind.

Love and Beer Floats