we, We, WE

Beware. There is a slightly sentimental/girly rambling coming your way. Men, avert eyes right now if you can’t handle girly. I don’t want you to judge me.

Lately I have noticed that I’m getting to a very interesting age. The age of WE. Friends all around me are starting to become part of a WE. WE didn’t like the movie. I’ll have to see if WE have plans. WE really loved that restaurant.

(My WE)

WE have all gotten so connected to our partners that we now think in terms of our unit. I’m not saying there is anything wrong with the WE. It is just an adjustment. One we all seem to be making just fine.

But, sometime it is nice to drop the WE and remember that deep down inside somewhere there is still a me. So, tonight I’m getting a bunch of my girlfriends together for dinner and some good ME time. A time when we can gossip and talk about shoes and tell stories about our WE.

(Really Pretty MEs)

And even though it is just a bunch of MEs, I am making enough food for all of our WEs. Maybe they will get lucky and get leftovers.

Love and Beer Floats