Quarter Century

Today is my twenty-fifth birthday. As of 11:56am, I will have been on this beautiful planet for a quarter of a century. A big thank you to my mom and dad for thinking it was a good idea to have me. I hope you don’t regret it!

I have thought a lot lately about what it means to turn twenty-five and what I might have to say about my birthday if people asked me. Mostly I thought about what I would write here.

When I was a senior in high school and in AP English we each had to write a piece for the class journal and I chose to do the ten things I had learned in almost eighteen years. When I had to will things away as a senior Pi Phi in college, I revised it for my almost twenty-twenty two years of life. I gave serious consideration to an updating it once more, but the truth is, I have learned WAY more than ten things in the last twenty-five years.

This morning I was completely stumped about what to say, until I received a very special email from my past. Almost two years ago, I stumbled across this website where you could write yourself and email and it will send that email to you on a specific date in your future. I had completely forgotten about it until I received it this morning. The letter completely made my day.

Here is what I wanted my twenty-five year old self to know (plus a little extra commentary)…

Happy 25th Birthday Self!!!

Today is August 21st 2009, the Friday before you leave for your first European vacation. I just wanted to tell you to work hard to be a better friend and to try and be less selfish. You have a tendency to try and manipulate people into doing what you want and you need to cut it out. Sometimes you need to accept what other people want.
(I have come a long way but I still have so far to go. Sorry for trying to manipulate you my friends.)

Right now you are worrying over (insert man I was dating at the time who I am not sure would like to be on the blog)... worry worry worry. He has just left to go back to school and you are way way over thinking it. You are 23 and you think you are ready to maybe meet someone and settle a bit. Maybe you are... maybe you aren't... but kids and a hubby are looking more and more appealing. You are unhappy with work but are scared to do something about. If you are reading this and you are still unhappy about it... please please make a change.
(I am so far from unhappy about work. I look forward to my job and the people at it every day. Good job self for changing things that make you unhappy.)

Stop holding back in love and be classier! Be an all around better you.
(Definitely got the being a better me working, but I’m not sure about the classy part. I’ll have to keep that in the next letter to myself.)

Make sure you spend as much time w/ your family and friends as possible. Don't sleep as much. Cuddle more.
(I think I’ll spend plenty of time with my family when I move in with them at the end of the month. Anyone want to cuddle?)

If you haven't called or talked to Bonnie in a while... call her.
(Seeing her tonight for a swim.)

If you haven't talked to Nate in a while call him.
(Calling him today! I swear!)

If you haven't talked to Brett in a while call him.
(I can’t seem to get rid of him. Love you Brett!)

Clean your room.

This should make you laugh... here are your favorite things/whats going on right now

You love I've got a feeling by the black eyed peas.


Zoe just got lost and you are excited for a new kitten
(RIP Zoe. Too bad your replacement Lily is a premadonna.)

You think (man who shall not be named) isn't into you but you think he could be the one This one will be funny either way.
(Gave me a great chuckle this morning. Definitely NOT the one.)

George just took Jeanelle to buy the luggage.
(Maybe someday I’ll tell this story, but Jeanelle would probably come to LA from the Netherlands just to slap me. Though it might be worth it if it will get her to LA.)

You really want to open a restaurant
(Wow… foreshadowing much?)

You are starting to worry about staying in shape and you go to YAS... a lot.

You think you are over being single.

You want to take voice lessons and need to sign up because your dad is paying.
(I think I missed that boat. Damnit.)

You need to work on a business plan to show your dad you’re serious.

You recently saw the hangover and loved it.

That is pretty much all I got. Future self... I hope you are happy and healthy and that your family and friends are happy and healthy. You have one life. Don't hold back. Be nice to others and be nice to yourself. Be someone you admire.

I don’t think my twenty-three year old self could have said it any better.

Thank you to all of you for the birthday wishes and for making my life so rich and wonderful.

Love and Beer Floats