Photo Finish

(Lobsticle anyone?)
I'm sure by now you are super sick of hearing about the Munch-A-Thon, but it was so fun and there were so many tasty treats that I just can't stop myself.

(The "Real" Salt'n'Peppa)

I just wanted to share the remainder of my favorite pictures from the event.

Yes, I realize the quality of these is less than stellar.

Apparently I think it's really smart to not charge my camera the night before a big photo event.

The result?

Having to turn my camera on for .5 seconds to take photos and then rapidly turn it off again.

(Why yes, that is an oyster. At 9:30 in the morning. After a soymilk stop.)
Never really giving myself any time for a focus.

(Family of bacon. Totally normal.)
I'm so smart.

(Potato Tornado and an innocent victim of my camera.)

Love and Beer Floats